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Caring for children with cancer in the region Galati. Feasibility study and development to build a nursing center at the Municipal Pediatric Hospital "St. John "- Galati and the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy University" Lower Danube "- Galaţi.

On the 30th of October Mr. Johannes Flothow from the Evangelical-Lutheran Deaconry of Württemberg paid a visit to our project and the Archdiocese of the Lower Danube in Galati. Mr. Flothow is working for Hope for Eastern Europe, a common initiative of the 14 German Evangelical-Lutheran regional churches and a much appreciated important partner and generous contributor for Galati 2020. Furthermore this visit emphasizes the long standing relationship between the deaconry of Württemberg and the Archdiocese of the Lower Danube which is manifested in student exchange programs taking place on a regular basis.

The aim of this visit was to give Mr. Flothow an impression of the social welfare work of the Archdiocese, to introduce to him our local project responsible Elena Nastase and our project set-up on site.

In the course of his stay Mr. Flothow was very well received by the priests responsible for managing the social-care institutions and visited the social-care centers for children and aged people. In addition he visited our Galati office, got to meet His Eminence, Dr. Casian Craciun and took part in a discussion with the Christian orthodox student organization ASCOR which he knows through his work for the deaconry in Württemberg.

We would like to thank Mr. Flothow for taking the time and Hope for Eastern Europe for the fruitful relationship.

Project phases

20 iulie 2016 după-amiază
Atelier de lucru pentru demararea proiectului Partea 2

19 iulie 2016 după-amiază
Atelier de lucru pentru demararea proiectului Partea 1

19 iulie 2016 dimineață
Prezentarea proiectului la Galați

22 martie 2016
Invitația ministrului de stat Peter Friedrich, Ministrul de afaceri federale europene și internaționale din Baden-Württemberg

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