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Caring for children with cancer in the region Galati. Feasibility study and development to build a nursing center at the Municipal Pediatric Hospital "St. John "- Galati and the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy University" Lower Danube "- Galaţi.

On 6th of May 2015 the Fair Care project was launched as the first project under the initiative “Galati 2020”. The event was held on May 6th, 2015, in the conference room belonging to the Social - Philanthropic Establishment “Sf. Vasile cel Mare" and attended by representatives of public institutions (Chamber of Commerce, the Municipality of Galati and non-profit organizations), the social-charitable centers of the Archdiocese Lower Danube, carrying out social work in support of the elderly and other stakeholders.

The Fair Care project is implemented by the Training, Information and Community Support  Center "Galati 2020" of the Archdiocese of the Lower Danube. The project is established in cooperation with AIDRom (Ecumenical Association of Churches in Romania) and financed by the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport Baden-Württemberg and Diakonie Württemberg.

"FairCare - from soul to soul - information, training and qualification of women in domestic care services and palliative care" is a pilot project whose aim is to promote equal opportunities and facilitate access to the labor market for more than 30 women belonging to vulnerable groups of Galați - Brăila region. Through tailor made training programs the women will gain personal development skills, entrepreneurship competences and qualifications in the field of elderly home care services. For our trainings we draw on the knowledge and best practice models from Germany.

We want to enable the women from the local community to become independent and/or to work together for the purpose of establishing their own companies in the field of home care for the elderly. Furthermore the measure aims to increase the employment of local labor.

During the launching event the initiative to create a network of social centers and social workers was launched since these services are already offered by some centers for elderly, but each one is working separately from the others.

Please click here to see a video of the event.

Project phases

20 iulie 2016 după-amiază
Atelier de lucru pentru demararea proiectului Partea 2

19 iulie 2016 după-amiază
Atelier de lucru pentru demararea proiectului Partea 1

19 iulie 2016 dimineață
Prezentarea proiectului la Galați

22 martie 2016
Invitația ministrului de stat Peter Friedrich, Ministrul de afaceri federale europene și internaționale din Baden-Württemberg

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