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Caring for children with cancer in the region Galati. Feasibility study and development to build a nursing center at the Municipal Pediatric Hospital "St. John "- Galati and the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy University" Lower Danube "- Galaţi.

Strategic partnership Germany - Romania - Bulgaria.

The process of learning can be fun and it's important to have a long term impact on the individual.

Education does not have to stop after finishing school and it can continue every day of our lives helping us deal permanently  with the changes and challenges that we face daily.

Demographic changes and as also the latest challenge for the European countries, migration, demonstrates how important is to continue with training our souls and minds in order to receive, understand, think and apply the best solutions to cope with change.

That is the goal of our common FairGuidance project, funded through the European Commission's Erasmus + Programme. The project is a strategic partnership between Romania, Bulgaria and Germany, with a duration of 2 years. The main goal of the project is to establish guidance  and personal orientation and training services in the three participating countries by developing a set of specific tools dedicated to education and career advisers.

In Romania, the concept of lifelong learning is just beginning to be understood and applied. Therefore, with FairGuidance we want to contribute to raising awareness on the topic of lifelong learning as an ongoing challenge and above all, an opportunity to improve the quality of life.

Ministry of Culture and Education Baden-Württemberg,  Diakonia Württemberg, the University "Angel Kanchev" in Ruse, AJOFM (Employment Office) and NGO's from the three countries are partners in the  FairGuidance project.

Project phases

20 iulie 2016 după-amiază
Atelier de lucru pentru demararea proiectului Partea 2

19 iulie 2016 după-amiază
Atelier de lucru pentru demararea proiectului Partea 1

19 iulie 2016 dimineață
Prezentarea proiectului la Galați

22 martie 2016
Invitația ministrului de stat Peter Friedrich, Ministrul de afaceri federale europene și internaționale din Baden-Württemberg

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